Clout Fantasy's Mission

Our mission is to provide our users with a superior DFS product that allows fans to have a stake in their favorite team and player outcomes.

Clout Fantasy offers an “all-in-one” experience through contests that can be entered in less than 5 minutes, live in-app streaming of professional match-ups, and all the resources you need to make and track your picks!

Why We're Gamers

Gaming inherently brings people together and adds a level of excitement to a form of entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else.

The rise of professional esports has transformed the hobby of gaming into something that we not just enjoy playing with our friends, but something as fans we are eager to consume as entertainment.

Our love for esports inspired us to create a contest platform that gives fans old and new the chance to come together and showcase their knowledge of the profesional esports landscape.

Who We Are

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Clout Fantasy gives fans the power to compete alongside every professional esports matchup through Fantasy. Acquire knowledge, join contests, stream matches & track your ranking in real-time.