Clout Fantasy Presents first Iteration of “Clout Couch”

Clout Fantasy

Last Thursday, Clout Fantasy put together its first-ever “Clout Couch” where they brought together an impressively diverse group of CS:GO talent including Cloud9 Legends “n0thing” & “stunna“, IEM Shoutcaster “YNk“, and top CS:GO streamer “Cooper” to discuss various topics including NA CS:GO, IEM Katowice, and multiple giveaways & challenges.

Clout Fantasy brought this group together to give the fans an inside look into what was happening at IEM Katowice (from “stunna” & “YNK”), address the challenges and triumphs from NA CS:GO teams such as Complexity & Team Liquid, relive past memories from n0thing, and give their picks & analysis by applying it to questions on the Clout Fantasy app.
Also, Clout Fantasy paid an ode to “n0thing” by creating a challenge via their daily fantasy app, for users to compete against “n0thing” for a shot at winning a P2000 skin, which Jordan was famously known for using. 

Clout Fantasy plans to bring a variety of experts into a stream to discuss trending topics, do giveaways, and create challenges against the community. They plan on releasing another version of Clout Couch in between February and March, bringing on new talent for a different title.
Clout Fantasy is a unique Daily Fantasy Esports App where it gives its fans the power to compete against one another in every professional esports matchup, including LoL, CS:GO, Valorant & much more. Acquire knowledge, join contests, stream matches & track your earnings, and rank in real-time.

Relive the first-ever Clout Couch here

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