Clout Fantasy FAQ

What is Clout Fantasy?

Clout Fantasy is the go-to daily fantasy sports platform for esports fans in North America. Users have the chance to “watch & win” cash by competing in skill-based, single day, prize-pool based contests revolving around predicting the outcomes of team and player performance within a professional esports matchup.

Is Playing on Clout Fantasy Legal?

Clout Fantasy is currently available to users age 18+ in the following locations:

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas (21+), Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts (21+), Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma (21+), Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming Resources

If you feel your skilled wagering or gambling is out of control, seek help immediately. Assistance is available in most states and can be found through the following organizations.

National Council on Problem Gambling

T: (1-800-522-4700)


International Center For Responsible Gaming

T: 978-338-6610


Tips for Responsible Gaming

At Clout Fantasy, we value our community and want to ensure they are given the proper resources and education on safer play. Here are some tips to keep in mind while playing on Clout Fantasy.

  • Clout Fantasy should not be viewed as a pathway to major financial gains. This is a competitive entertainment platform not a shortcut to financial success
  • Only enter contests you can afford to lose
  • Always set reasonable limits for yourself
  • Set a time limit on your time spent on Clout Fantasy and stick to it.
  • Never enter contests beyond your means.

Clout Fantasy will continue to remain committed to preventing gaming related problems.

Options to Limit Play include:

  • Self-Exclusion
  • Self-Limitation

Clout Fantasy also provides options to limit the amount of funds a user can deposit into their account by choosing an amount over a daily, weekly and monthly period.

For more information please email

Progressive Prediction

What is Progressive Prediction?

Unlike traditional roster & budget based DFS, Clout Fantasy contests are based on answering a series of questions on an esports matchup called progressive predictions. In the progressive prediction format each question is worth 10 points if answered correctly. (ex. Will Player A or Player B have more assists in the game? After answering a series of predetermined questions users can submit their ticket entering them into the contest. Contest participants with the highest point totals (questions answered correctly) will be eligible for a cash prize. (*prize pool distribution format can be found in contest details)

Progressive Predictions requires less amount of time to put together a competitive contest together (Contest submissions can be completed in just 5 minutes)

What question types are available?

Team Vs Team

The following Team Vs Team Questions are currently available:

Team Questions:

  1. Which team will win?
  2. Which team will have more kills?
  3. Which team will have the highest total level of champions?
  4. Which team will have more assists?
  5. Which team will have more deaths?
  6. Which team will get the most gold?
  7. Which team will kill more dragons?
  8. Which team will kill more barons?
Player Vs Player

The following Player Vs Player Questions are currently available:

PVP Questions:

  1. Which player will have more kills?
  2. Which player will have a higher level champion?
  3. Which player will have more champion kills?
  4. Which player will have more deaths?
  5. Which player will kill more minions?

The following multi-select Questions are currently available:

Multi-Select Questions:

  1. Which player will have more kills?
  2. Which player will have a higher level champion?
  3. Which player will have more champion kills?
  4. Which player will have more deaths?
  5. Which player will kill more minions?

The following Stat-based Questions are currently available:

Stats Question:

  1. What will be the total assists in the game?
  2. What will be the total kills by “X” team
  3. What will be the total minion kills in the game
  4. What will be the total deaths in the game?


What Should I do if my account has been misallocated, compromised or otherwise mishandled?

If your account has been misallocated or compromised please reach out to

Can I register more than one account?

Clout Fantasy allows one account per person. If a user is caught having multiple accounts they will be suspended indefinitely.

Can I reset my password?

To reset password simply logout, select forgot password & reset through on-screen instructions.

What information is required to open a Clout Fantasy account?

To register an account with Clout Fantasy users must provide their age & email.

League of Legends

What is the Game’s Objective?

The primary objective of League of Legends is to destroy the opponents Nexus. The nexus is located in the heart of the opponents base on the other side of the map (Summoners Rift).

What are the roles?

League of legends offers five major options when choosing roles for a champion:

  1. Attack Damage Carry (ADC) – The ADC, aka The Marksman, is made for eliminating certain targets. The marksman is also depended on to farm throughout the game in order to buy items needed to help win.
  2. Top Laner – Amongst League of Legends roles it is primarily Bruiser and Tank champions that man the top lane. Tank champions are used to lock enemies down in order to start a fight. A Bruiser has a combination of damage and tanking sills. A Bruisers can add value at the beginning of a match
  3. Mid Laner but it also gives them great “roamability”. This means if the top or bottom lane needs help, the mid lane is available to help if the jungler has died or is preoccupied. Having another player on your team that can roam to different lanes can substantially increase your gank potential.
  4. Jungler - Since there are only 3 lanes on summoner’s rift and 5 players, there has to be a player who plays in the jungle.
  5. Support - The support on your team will primarily be in the same lane as your marksman / ADC. Their role in the lane will be to help protect, sustain and support the ADC. This means sacrificing their life, hitpoints and gold to ensure the ADC stays alive as long as possible, and gets the most kills.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive

What’s the game’s objective?

Two teams of five (terrorists and counter-terrorists) compete in a best-of-30 match using standard competitive Counter-Strike rules. Typically, teams play best of 3 maps, switching sides as the “bomb-planter” or “bomb-defuser.”

Players must manage their economy, purchase armor, weapons, defuse or rescue kits, and manage their in-game economy to maximize their chance of success. The first team to win 16 rounds in either Bomb Defusal will win the map.

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