What is Clout Fantasy?

Clout Fantasy is the hub of daily fantasy esports. Our platform offers daily, weekly and monthly contests for professional esports matches. Research teams and players, join contests for cash and prizes & stream and track your performance in every match.

Our format simplifies daily fantasy sports. Each contest consists of 8 team/player related questions each worth 10 points. The ultimate goal is to have the highest amount of points in your contest.

Contest Information

Contest Type:

Winner Takes All

In this contest format users have a chance to compete for the highest score in the contest. (80 points available). The user who has the most points will win the entire pot, taking home all the cash!

Double Up

In this contest format users have to score in the top 45% of entrants per contest to double their cash. Just under half of contest entrants in this format get paid out!

Top 10 Contests

Top 10 users with the most points share the total cash prize. You don’t need to come in first, even 10th place makes you a winner.

How are Contests Scored?

Team vs Team

1 Question with 10 available points for the correct answer

Multiple Choice:

5 Questions with 10 points for each question answered correctly (Totaling 50 Available Points)

Single Choice:

1 Question with 10 Available Points for the Correct Answer


1 Question with 1-10 Available Points. The Full 10 Points Awarded for the Correct Answer. Partial points are awarded for eligible incorrect answers. Total Available Points: 80

What happens if there is a roster change before a contest begins?

If there is a roster change before a contest begins, the new player added will replace the original player in all contest question sets that include the original player. All contest selections for the original player will automatically update to the new player. All users who are in this contest will receive a notification regarding the roster change and have the opportunity change their selection(s) prior to the contest starting.

What happens if there is a roster change mid-match?

If there is a roster change mid-match, the final stats for the original player being replaced will be reflected in the contest results. The contest will not be updated for the new player added, as happens for roster changes before a contest begins.

Weekly Prize Distribution in Clout Money:

Earn points towards the weekly leaderboard by joining Clout, Fantasy contests.

Top to Get Paid Out:

1st Place: $75

2nd Place: $50

3rd Place: $25

4th Place: $15

5th Place: $10

6th-20th Place: $5

Every Monday morning the top 20 user on the Weekly Leaderboard from the previous week will receive Clout Money based on the prize distribution chart show above.

Points are earned by answering Clout Fantasy contest questions correctly. Each Clout Fantasy contest has a maximum of 80 points per contest. (8 questions per contest, 10 points per question).

Ties are allowed. If a tie occurs users will split the prize winnings based on their placement on the leaderboard . For example, if three users tie for first place, they will split the prize distribution for 1st-3rd place evenly (e.g., $150 divided evenly by 3 would result in $50 in Clout Money distributed to each winner).

Weekly leaderboards reset at 12:00 AM EST on Monday.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to

Wallet & Player Funds

Identify Verification:

Users must complete KYC verification in order to gain access to user deposits, withdrawals and the entry of cash-based contests. This information will not be shared or distributed with any third-party.

How do I make a deposit?

To make a deposit a user can click on the wallet icon on the home screen or the wallet tab in the menu bar. Click the deposit button and then choose your deposit amount and payment type. We currently accept Credit and Debit cards or ACH payments.

Is there a minimum deposit?

We require a minimum deposit amount of $5. Due to our AML policy, all deposits are final and not subject to refund. All deposits must be used for contest activity.

Maximum Deposit Limits:

Per Transaction: $500

Daily Limit: $2,500

How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a deposit a user can click on the wallet icon on the home screen or the wallet tab in the menu bar. Click the withdrawal button and then choose your withdrawal amount. We currently accept withdrawal through ACH only.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawal activity?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. Further, the total amount available for withdrawal may differ from your wallet balance. This is because you are only able to withdraw your winnings from Clout Fantasy due to our AML guidelines and no-refund policy.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits:

Per Transaction: $887

Daily Limit: $887

What is the new-user deposit bonus?

New users qualify for the $100 match deposit in Clout Money. The promotion amount is one-Clout-dollar-to-one-dollar match, to to exceed the $100 in Clout Money. A user with a first time-deposit of $65 would receive and additional $65 in Clout Money.

What happens if I Chargeback?

If any deposit is charged back then any winnings generated from Clout Fantasy shall no longer be attributed to that user. There will be an automatic forfeiture of winnings alongside a deduction from the users account balance. In addition, the amount of the initial deposit will be invalidated, forfeited and deducted from the account balance. Please direct any payment questions to our support team at support@cloutfantasy.gg

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Any person winning over $600 in prizes from Clout Fantasy will receive an IRS form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS. Any valuation of the prize(s) stated above is based on available information provided to Clout Fantasy, and the value of any prize awarded to a winner must be reported for tax purposes as required by law. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize(s) and paying any expenses associated with any prize which is not specifically provided for in the official rules. Each winner must provide Clout Fantasy with valid identification and a valid taxpayer identification number or social security number before any prize will be awarded.

Terms of Service

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