$5,000 Spring Showdown:

  • Step 1: Download App on Android or iOS
  • Step 2: Create an Account and Successfully Complete our KYC Registration
  • Step 3: Join any Clout Contest named “🤠Showdown”

Earn a piece of the $5,000 cash prize by entering any contest named: “🤠Showdown” Your Top 5 highest scores will be added up to reveal your place on the leaderboard!

$5,000 Spring Showdown:

Date: Feb 12th - March 10th

Contests to Join: Any contest named “🤠Showdown”

$5,000 in cash prizes! The Top 10 highest scores will be rewarded based on your Top 5 Highest Scores added together (i.e. 80 + 80 + 80 + 60 + 60 = 360). Highest total score = 400

Event Schedule: released every Monday on Clout’s Discord

Contest Details

Users may join any contest available named “🤠Showdown”. Those contests may be for multiple titles including: CS2, R6, & League of Legends, Valorant, & RLCS. For each match up, there are a variety of contest types and entries available (may join up to as many as you would like!).


Total Top 5 Scores

will be added together to create your “🤠Showdown”. For example, if your 3 highest single scores are the following here is your “High Score”:

  • 75 points, 65 points, 77 points, 80 points, & 60 Points =

    357 Points

  • Any scores that are below this, will not count. You can only increase your score by entering more contests
  • The Highest Score you could earn =

    400 Points

Point Scoring Breakdown

There are a total of 8 questions, per contest, adding up to a total available 80 points
  • Team Question: 1 Question with 10 Available Points for the Correct Answer
  • Player vs Player Questions: 5 Questions with 10 Points for Each Question Answered Correctly (Totalling 50 Available Points)
  • Multiple Choice Question: 1 Question with 10 Available Points for the Correct Answer
  • Stats Tiebreaker: 1 Question with 1-10 Available Points Based on Accuracy. The full 10 Points is awarded only for the correct answer.
  • Ex. Answer is 35 Kills, you guessed 32, you receive 7 total points

Ties & Scoring:

  • If multiple users are tied on points for the highest score after the final match is over, the cash prize will be split evenly amongst the winners
  • As a reminder, it is your Top 5 Highest scores will be added together

Spring Showdown Updates

After the final match of the day has concluded please follow along with the updates on twitter & discord on what the current high score is:
Clout Fantasy Twitter
Clout Fantasy Discord

Prize Distribution

  • This promotion is only available for eligible Clout Fantasy users that have successfully completed our KYC process and verified their identity and location within. Any winners that do not complete this KYC verification process will not be eligible for the cash prize
  • Once the winner of the $5,000 Spring Showdown has been confirmed as eligible, the cash prize will be sent via check and can take up to 30 days to receive. The check will be made out to the identity confirmed within our internal KYC system and sent to the location on file
  • The winner will be receiving an email from the Clout Fantasy team the following day of the closing of the championship

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