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How to play The GRID

  • Select a player for each cell that matches the criteria for that cell's row and column.
  • You have nine guesses to fill out the grid.
  • A player cannot be used twice.
There is a new grid every Monday at 5:00pm EST.

How the score works

  • Each correct answer gives you 20 XP Points, in total you can reach 180 XP Points.
  • Additionally, your life will add up as points of you depends on how many life you have left (1 Life = 20 XP Points).
  • In addition to XP, weekly participation will reward new users with free $2 promo code. Existing users will win exclusive Avatars, Banners, & Badges.


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Fill out The GRID with players on
the current rosters for each team

180 s


Make it to the top for the chance to win prizes in
weekly giveaways, and to show everyone you're
the best of the week

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